Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year! Now pass the eggs!

Thank you Sky for the heartfelt comments, really appreciated it!

Well, I made it through the holidays and I'm still alive. I even managed to sit on the floor with my SIL's daughter and help her stick the decals on the Barbie house we bought her (without crying). Pathetic, I know. But I consider that a major achievement for me. By the time they came over for New Year's day I was an old ham. I showed off by bouncing the 6mo. old on my knee for a while!

It's amazing how fast the holidays fly by. It seems like I had only just put up our tree (probably because I only decorated it on Christmas Eve) and now it's coming down.

So I've found some new blogs regarding DE's and how people have dealt with and are dealing with it all. Some of the things I've read are ALMOST shocking. I stress "almost" because in light of the things that go on in this world, I guess I can believe just about anything. One person said that DE's were against their religion and it was punishable by DEATH! WTF! That's nice! So of course that person will take that secret to their grave (No pun intended)! Most of the comments were positive. Many who had gone through the process and were open with friends and relatives found that everyone eventually had forgotten. That would truly be a blessing. I'm starting to feel that keeping it all a secret might make you feel like you've done something wrong. And nothing good can come out of that. The idea of a secret is to hide something that you're not proud of. Things we are proud of we usually want to tell. And let's face it, we IFs have been through hell ttc. If we let people know of the pain and struggles that we've been through, hopefully they will understand how wanted and loved this child will be, right? Granted there are some insensitive jerks out there, but we can learn from them too. We can learn how important it is to not judge others too harshly when we disagree with them. You don't know what they've been through. Just a thought.

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  1. ((HUGS!)) I'm now a big follower of your blog. I read all of your posts, and I especially felt for you when you made your list. I'm in somewhat of the same boat. Add to that my dad is sick (dementia), and I have a step-daugther (8). I love my stepdaughter immensely, and she calls me mom. However, every day I seem to get reminded that I'm not REALLY her mom. Ouch.

    I hear you on the celebs having babies. My mom had me when she was almost 42-- I keep reminding myself that. I have 2 sisters- one with 7 kids and one with 6. Each of them had kids into their 40s. I just got a slow start on life (married late at 38). Let's both keep each other positive. If you ever need to chat, I'm here. Husbands are wonderful, and we love them dearly, but come on, they're not chicks. They don't always understand. Hang in there and think positively. POSITIVE THOUGHTS-- you WILL have a baby!!!