Friday, January 8, 2010

I'm a little behind the times.  We just watched Julie & Julia.  Meryl Streep was excellent!  She really nailed that part.  What I did learn was that Julia Child could not have children.  I did not know this.  Of course I cried when my husband pointed out the scene where in front of Notre Dame they pass a woman with a stroller and Julia notices with envy.  How could I have not seen that coming?  What a strong woman she must have been.  At that time it did not seem to be the norm.  Everyone was a housewife taking care of the children.  Fortunately they were rich!  I mean, it's got to take the edge off living in Paris don't you think?

I chuckled when Julie started her blog.  My husband is clueless.  And that's the way it needs to be...

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  1. I love that movie. And I'm sort of reading both books right now...What's strange is that Jule Powell was an egg donor when she was younger - seriously! And then she starts the blog because she's just been diagnosed with PCOS! I have no idea why they left that out of the movie - it just seems too much of a coincidence, no?