Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good Saturday Morning...Brrr!

Holy cow it's cold!  My outdoor thermometer says it's 19 degrees!  I'm warming up a bit with a nice cup of Nutcraker Sweet tea and a vanilla muffin from Wegmans. Yum! I guess the holidays are not over for me yet!

This is the pug that woke me up at 7:30 this morning.  This is Zuzu. She had a stomach ache.  In case you're wondering, we did get her name from the movie "It's A Wonderful Life."  It's one of my favorites.  And so is she.  Some background.  Zuzu is 9 1/2 yrs. old.  She's blind in her right eye and almost blind in her left eye, but cataracts seem to be stealing that vision too.  Operating will be a last resort because she also has pigmentary keratitis and the docs don't know if they will be able to operate effectively.  For now, she gets around fine for the most part.  She is my angel.  We almost considered giving her back when we learned that she would need $80 worth of cream in her eyes per month plus biannual visits to an Opthamologist 70mi away for the rest of her life.  I didn't think we could afford her.  I had a crappy job at the time just to pay the bills and had given up searching for a teaching position after 4 yrs. (It's EXTREMELY political where I live... you really have to know someone or pay someone).  On a fluke my husband encouraged me to apply in our neighboring state of NJ several months after deciding to keep the pug.  I did and BAM!  Not only did I get several interviews that summer... I also landed a job!  We always believed that we were rewarded for keeping Zuzu.  Of course, that was the year of the 911 attacks.  I was one week on the job and about 35mi outside of NYC.  My family and friends in PA were being sent home from work.  Not us.  We were instructed to stay the whole day.  One teacher's fiance' was in one of the towers and family members of many of our children and collegues worked near the towers.  It was a frightening day for a new teacher.  They should have sent us home.  I will never forget that day.

So AF came earlier this week and we're going to try naturally again.  However, recently I only have one good day of mucus.  It's now time to search Amazon for the cheapest price on Pre-Seed Personal Lub.  The doctor told me it was a "safe" one to use.  Won't kill off the good guys.  Still, I get a little paranoid that they'll all kill any chance of the little ones making their journey.  Anyone had any success with any of these "safe" assisting lubs. to use?  I am aware that I am speaking to an audience of women having difficulty getting pregnant, but seriously, I'm hoping that someone will have some insight.  Mind you, the last time we tried without lub. my husband said that I felt like a rubber chicken.  He said that and yet I still love him.  If I'm "in the mood" I'm good to go.  But lets face it, when your ttc it becomes a chore.  Help!


  1. We've used Preseed and as far as I know it doesn't kill the sperm. Granted we haven't gotten pregnant, but that's just because my eggs are old and crusty and my lining is almost non-existent. I found the cheapest Preseed on Amazon.

  2. Just had to say that I love your pug! We're pug owners here too - have two females - one black, one fawn. So hello from a fellow pug lover! :)