Friday, January 8, 2010

Clinics, Clinics, Clinics!

There is such a whirlwind of emotions out there in the IF blog world! Deaths, BFN's, miscarriages, injuries, etc. What are these doctors doing to us?! We pay through the nose for all of these procedures and still they overlook things that should be fundamental.

Just for the sake of getting some info. out to anyone listening, after my last IUI the nurse asked me if I wanted to come back in a couple of days after the insemination to see how many eggs were release. Hello, what?! Never had they asked me that before. I didn't even know what the nurse was talking about. My immediate concern was that the wand would swish away any embryo that might have a chance. In the end my curiosity got the best of me and I thought I'd sacrifice that cycle for the sake of information. I guess I'm stupid but I assumed that when you took the shot to release the eggs... naturally every egg was released. Big or small. Not so apparently. Only two were released, the others were undersized and get absorbed into the body. Oh. After learning this, I began to question all of my previous IVF's. It's difficult to question the doctor about previous cycles because they tend to take the attitude that you're questioning their motives and methods. And you are. But I sucked it up and asked. I tried to review my chart as the doc flipped the pages. I know that for at least one of my IVF cycles I only had 1 or 2 eggs that were of a decent size. And despite MY pleas to not do an IVF, we did it anyway at the doctors urging. In fact, for one of the those cycles (and I cannot say which one for sure) only 1 or 2 eggs fertilized. What do you know about that?! Now, I'm not saying that the doctor's only motives were to collect a paycheck. But who knows. They knew that my insurance covered 4 IVF's. My doc was a woman and seemed sincere. She did a wonderful job with my myomectomy. She was a workaholic. Even came in on weekends and holidays. Divorced, children going to med. school/ law school, blah blah blah. I just don't know. It would be like her to worry that I was running out of time. She always stressed that we needed to be aggressive because of my age. It's really difficult to say. But what isn't difficult to say is that knowing about the size issue of my eggs and how my body naturally did not select to release the eggs that were smaller... I would've nixed at least one of my IVF's.

Just thought I put that out there.

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  1. Wow, how wonderful that your insurance covers four IVF's. Be still my heart! How I love the name of your's so true! :) Best wishes on your continued journey. I understand the holiday blues...they hit me every year.