Friday, January 15, 2010


My MIL once said several years back that people who don't have children are selfish.  At this point in time I don't think that I am likely to ever forget that.  The thing is she's wonderful.  Giving, caring, sincere.  I guess I just feel that if she felt that way when viewing couples without kids, I'm sure that a large majority must feel the same way.  Hell, I've even wondered why people don't have children and  I feel that I am now "in the know".  This is really disheartening.

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  1. That's funny because birthing children can easily be interpreted as an incredibly self-serving and eogtistical act, as the individual is replicating their genes on an already overpopulated earth bursting with unwanted, handicapped children in need of parents. Had your MIL chosen to adopt a few young children with physical deformities, THAT would demonstrate a benevolent act - NOT birthing a child.

    Incidentally, I believe having children is an incredibly selfish act - it's done to satisfy ourselves wholly. And there isn't a damned thing wrong with it.

  2. I wasn't sure how to reply to the comment area so I hope this will work.

    Thanks for the insight Sky. I hope you are doing okay. Oddly, today one of my 8th graders asked if I have children. When I told him that I did not his reply was, "You must have a lot of money." It's nice to have new perspectives! :)