Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Again! Damn That Groundhog!

This just has to stop.  Had off today because we're getting hammered with snow.  It started last night and has not stopped.  At this moment we have over a foot!  I'm trying to dig paths for the pugs who are completely confused.  Particularly the blind one.  All the major highways and businesses are closed.  Well that will leave me plenty of time to post my sob story that I've been wanting to write. To be continued....


  1. Wow - I'm in Toronto and there's only been a couple of inches. Sorry you're getting hammered. Have you gone out and rolled around in it? Done any snowangels? Just stood there and listened to how silent everything is covered in a thick layer of snow? Those are some of my favourite things to do when there's been a storm.

  2. We got about a foot or so up in Jersey City/NYC...I hear we're getting more on Monday?

    I went and watched some toddlers sliding down a tiny hill on their blow up pool toys today. Cute. I threatened my BF that we should get out our snowboards and board in Liberty State Park (next to the statue of Liberty).

    Maybe on Monday!

  3. Hi Linda and Georgia! I do love the silence of the freshly fallen snow. As it turns out we had 18" added to the 8" from the other day! We were so exhausted from shoveling that we've neglected doing anything fun! We've even had to shovel a maze in the back yard for the pugs. And I hope to God that we don't get more on Monday! But I have enjoyed watching the kids across the street having impromptu snow battles! Thanks for reading!

  4. I love the little snow falling on the blog!
    Hope you're staying warm!

    PS We'd take some snow down in Central Texas any day :)